Welcome to De Kiek

Relive history at De Kiek! Almost immediately after the start of the Second World War, the Germans realized Scheinflughafen Kamerun (SF37). Better known in the area as 'De Kiek'. By setting up mock airfields, the Germans wanted to tempt enemy pilots to drop their bombs there, instead of on the real target. It was the intention that the allied pilots mistook De Kiek for the real airport Gilze-Rijen. The Friends of the Kiek Foundation has brought the mock airfield back to life. Visit the bunker and discover the plane in the middle of the forest. Read more about the app and where you can find De Kiek below.

Fake airfield De Kiek has been renewed!

A lot of hard work has gone into improving the mock airfield De Kiek and making it more accessible to everyone. The footpaths have been renewed and additional rest areas have been created with beautiful wooden tables and seats. The biggest and most important update to the terrain is the ramp to the roof of the bunker! This means that the bunker can also be visited with a wheelchair or walker.
This major refurbishment and construction of the ramp would not have been possible without a number of special sponsors, whom we would like to thank once again:

Prince Bernard Fund
VSB fund
National zip code lottery
Alphen health care foundation
The Annetje van Puijenbroek Foundation
Brewers Green
Adéquat – sustainable chestnut wood

Do you support the Friends of the Kiek Foundation?

Then donate to NL27 RABO 0367 8908 87 in the name of the Friends of the Kiek Foundation, or scan the QR code! Every contribution is welcome and greatly appreciated.

Discover the app!

Totally free

Download the free app and find out what happened at De Kiek. Find the information points on De Kiek and look through your smartphone to the past. German and English soldiers tell what it was like during the Second World War. Fun for young and old!

Where is De Kiek?

The mock airfield de Kiek is located southwest of Riel between the Oude Tilburgsebaan and the Bels Lijntje. The best way to travel by bicycle is via the Bels Lijntje. You see a narrow forest strip and just before you get there you see the first signs. Then the Messerschmidt soon looms. Dive into history and discover what happened here years ago!

  • If you are by car, you drive out of the Oude Tilburgsebaan from Alphen. Then you only have to drive on the gravel road. Parking is possible along the road.
  • The experience forest can be reached on foot or by bike via the cycle path.
  • The forest is public and accessible for free.

Need a snack or drink?

De Kiek is located between the beautiful villages of Riel and Alphen. Within 5 minutes you are at one of the cozy cafes or restaurants that Riel and Alphen have to offer. In Goirle you will also find nice places to satisfy your hunger and thirst! This is how you complete the day out.