The making of "Schijnvliegveld De Kiek"

Under the leadership of Joep Horevoorts, the mock airport “De Kiek” has come back to life. He managed, together with many friends from de Kiek, to transform a forest plot into a beautiful park-like monument. See the development of the project here.

After movie festival 2022

On Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 April we organized together with JM Events the 1000 bombs and grenades festival! With artists such as Jan Biggel, Black Swords and Gekkenhuys, the weekend became one big party in café Cuba in Alphen.

With the proceeds of the festival we can manage De Kiek and keep it open for young and old. But the foundation also wants to contribute to organizations that try to alleviate people's war suffering. The situation in Ukraine shows that freedom is still not self-evident. That's why we donate part of the proceeds to Giro 555!